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Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Review

Many families love to go beach during their vacation to have a lot of fun namely walking under the hot sun, building the sand house on clean beach sand, splashing water at one another and so on. A beach tent is one of the basic items you need when you are going to the beach to safeguard you more and to have 100 percent fun on the beach.

Everyone needs a break from the hot sun and you may need protection from mosquitoes and rain so to fulfill all these requirements you definitely will need a perfect tent during your vacation at the beach.

It is possible to have both fun and shelter if you the beach tent. In this article, you are going to read about one of the famous manufacturers “Pacific Breeze” who are popular in developing more beach related products.

Product Overview

This tent is provided with enough space so it can accommodate two adults or three to four children conveniently. The quality of the tent ensures the protection against sun, rain and wind, made up of lightweight synthetic fiber and the frame is made up of lightweight fiberglass,and developed to be portable. Despite being light weight, it is durable because of its solid construction and quality material.

Pacific Breeze

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You can also get a fresh air inside the tent since it is built with couple of windows, this pacific breeze easy up tent also provides a larger version which features three windows and can accommodate four adults.

Its simplicity made this product easy to set up and take down, also provided with the maximum air flow and SPF sun protection 50+ for optimal sun protection. This product is also attached with 5 sand pockets to satisfy the customer’s additional needs.

Since it is provided with a huge front entrance, one can easily slip in and slip out. This product has been provided with a high standard customer service so you can get quick response to all your problems regarding the product.

Special Features

It’s perfect design makes this tent suitable for all kinds of beach scenario as this beach tent is provided with 5 sand pockets and 4 stakes that increase its stability even during the heavy windy conditions.

For easy storage and transportation, it is established with a carrying case, its high quality material and SPF 50 sun protection secure you from dangerous UV rays.

Drawbacks of this product

Because of its huge opening and light weight characteristics, this beach tent is not suitable for severe weather conditions like heavy downpour and it also very hard to anchor.

Final Thoughts

This pacific breeze beach tent has received amazing ratings from customers across the globe because of its various features with one year warranty and excellent customer service.

Hope you are clear about the features and specifications of Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent.

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Top 10 Best Beach Tents

Spending your holiday at any beaches, outdoor areas or at any adventurous places can be interesting, but you need to be ready to face the challenges that nature provides you during the enjoyment.

Having fun in the sun for an extended period can cause sunburn, and this can produce adverse effects in babies and children.

Sunburn can lead to blistering, pain and dehydration in kids, so it’s mandatory that you have a beach tent while you travel beaches or any outdoor picnic with your friends or families.

Beach Tents Buying Guide

Picking the right beach tent is mandatory for enjoying your travel without any disasters. I assure you that the following article would act like a complete hub on beach tents, proceed below to know them in detail.

Why Beach Tents?

Beach tents are available in various sizes, design, shapes, colors, and price. Beach tents are not some camping tents, but a strong tent that is made of string and high reliable water resistant nylon material, that comes with a zippered door or with two to three opening for the various access.

A beach tent is developed to provide a stronger sun protection to the persons and help them from being a victim of sunburns and tans. Beach tent acts a comfortable place for you, your babies, children, and adults for enjoying the beach or any outdoor ventures.

Setting up a beach tent is simple as carrying them to any of your outdoor adventure or beaches, the beach tents are specially designed for babies and kids to protect them from various natural disasters occurring during your travel.

Few Questions to ask yourself before getting a Beach Tent

Before you grab one beach tent for your beach or outdoor adventure, it’s essential you ask this question to yourself to purchase the apt one.

  • Are you going to carry your baby for the beach? If so do you need a beach tent just for your child or for the entire family?
  • Does the tent you were chosen provide UV rays protection apart from shade?
  • Whether the selected tent is capable of proper ventilation?
  • Do your tent involves the features like sand pockets and stakes to maintain the stability of them?
  • Whether the tent you have grabbed for your travel is easy for setting up?
  • Which style of the tent will suit your kids or family comfort?

Types of Beach Tents

There are three main types of beach tents available in the market; you need to choose the one with the right characteristics for your preferred travel.

Pop up Tents

This tent looks similar to a shape of tarpaulin and is capable of transforming into a shelter with no minutes. Setting up the tent is simple as using them, packing them back can also be done with no efforts.

Developed in light in weight so that you can simply carry them along with you wherever you travel. This type of tents are expensive when compared to other two beach tents, and with the help of the sandbags, this tents can be weighed for the stability.

Cabana Tents

These tents are developed to provide more shade along with the perspective view for the sightseeing when kept opened at one side. These tents come with zips for the privacy and safety purposes.

The tents have been manufactured with a self-erecting feature for providing the maximum convenience. The high SPF coating provides the maximum protection from sun and therefore protects your kids and family from any sun exposures.

Canopy Tents

These tents are developed for larger families and parties, setting up tent is easy, but it takes time for constructing it as they are larger in size.

Integrated Floor Baby Sun Tents

These tents can be suitable if you are looking for a beach tent just for your toddlers. You need to protect them from the sun and also if you think that your toddler should have no contact with the sand.

Kids Sun Tent

Smaller kids love to build sandcastles on the beach sand, but it’s mandatory as a parent to prevent them from the sunburns and tans. So in this case, a kids sun tent would be the right pick as they are developed for protecting your children from sun exposures and comes without a floor so that they can develop sand castles easily with the protection.

How to choose a beach Tent?

Few customers go with the wrong choice of beach tents as there are a large number of beach tents that differ in size, design, shape, color, and price. Here are few characteristics to note while choosing a beach tent for your travel.

High-Grade Quality Material

The material is one of the important aspects to look for, as the enclosing area in the tent depends on the material you choose. Mostly, all type of beach tents is developed with high-quality polyester or polyurethane fabrics as they are the light in weight and can withstand any climatic changes easily.

Most of the beach tents for babies and children are made of UPF protection as this involves a fabric coating on the sides to prevent them from UV rays of the sun. Apart from that, comfort and ventilation are also achieved through this. Make sure the fabric you choose are rugged for the maximum performance and durability.


If you are going to get a beach tent for your baby, it just should not include space for your child to sit or stand, there should be enough space for playing around for their comfort. In the case of a family beach tents, you need to get the size consider the number of kids and adults. Choose smaller tents for smaller families and wider beach tents for larger families.

Set Up

You need to choose the beach tent that is easy to set up and disassemble to avoid any risky situations. This will save your time as well as your life in several conditions.

Color and Style

Beach tents are available in various styles and colors while considering the styles you need to choose the one based on the desired type. When choosing colors, make sure you are picking brighter color tents for children as they love them.


Choose the beach tents that are simple to carry around as you need to carry this beach tent along with other items like languages of clothes, juice bottles, snacks, diapers and much more.

There are chances for the lightweight beach tents to easily blown so make sure you are getting the one with extra pockets or stakes for maintaining the stability throughout your beach travel.


The important aspect to consider is the safety especially in the case of toddlers or babies. The design and other properties like ventilation, UV protection is mandatory for protecting your kids.

If you are carrying babies, make sure you are getting the right beach tents that involve child’s safety as there are few beach tents available that are not suitable for toddlers. Anyway, it’s important you have an eye on your toddlers while having fun, as you are on the beach side to avoid any water accidents.


As you use this beach tent outdoors, they get stains and dirt easily. So choose the beach tent whose fabric can be washed for removing the dirt easily from them. Some materials are developed to make them dry immediately once washing them.

Check out the following video to get more information visually about the beach tents.

Top 10 Best Picks of Beach Tents

As discussed earlier, there are a lot of chances for choosing the wrong beach tents as there are various types of products available from different manufacturers in the market. So to help you with, our professional team has researched and tested few products to pick the right one that you can accommodate at beaches.

The chosen products are tested based on the above features listed above, also depends on the performance, quality, durability, verified purchase customer reviews, and ratings. I assure you can enjoy your travel with more comfort if you get any of this beach tents from the below picks.

Easy bench Tents from Pacific Breeze

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One of the professional developers of manufacturing indoor and outdoor adventurous products has developed this product with multiple functionalities to make them unique and superior one among the other bench tent marketers; this ranks first in our best picks of Beach Tents.

Setting up the beach tent is easy and idea for using it on the beach, Highlands or at any outdoor picnics. The beach tent can hold small tables and lounge chairs for you to relax. Developed to be light in weight and designed to suit seashore lifestyle perfectly.

There are wide windows on both sides of the tent for sightseeing and ventilation. The front arrival that is large so that number of people can enter with ease. The PE permit on the floor helps to withstand the incessant exposure toward the sand and salt water.

The UPF50+ material enables you to protect from any UV rays; you will be able to have maximum fun at the seashore with the help of this beach tents. The renowned manufacturer features a compact beach tent to suit any natural calamities. The breathable high-grade quality polyester used in the beach tent ensures you for the durability.

The inner products that are built in help in holding all seashore objects, the structural design and the proficient material used in the material are the main reasons, why customers prefer to go with them.

The only disadvantage of the product is the finest anchors which are not included with this beach tent. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the product, measures about 4.4 pounds and comes with the dimension of 86.6X49.2X47.2 inches.

Canopy type Beach Tent from Lightspeed Outdoors

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Are you looking for a canopy beach tent for a large family? If so, this lightspeed outdoor beach tent would be the right pick for you. This ranks second in our top picks of best beach tents. The tent is developed extra large and capable of holding a high amount of peoples or a huge family within them.

Ideal for a beach outing, adventurous travels, picnic and much more. This sun shelter is made of high-grade quality polyester along with the greater breathability and water resistant coating. Developed to be light in weight and involves a UPF 50+ coating and therefore you are protected from Sun’s harmful UV rays.

Added hooks, stacks are present for the stability, easy and convenient to use. There are inner built pockets for the extra storage, developed in brighter blue and gray color attracts the customer to choose, this comes with a rugged fiberglass pole that can be folded for the extended use.

There are three larger mesh windows for providing ventilation, measures about 9 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 5X6X50 inches. The price of the product is high but a great value for the money.

Cabana Style Beach Tent from Wildhorn Outfitters

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A successful manufacturer of developing multiple indoor and outdoor sports, home and industrial related products has developed this canopy style beach tent with many outfits for making them superior; this ranks third in our best picks of beach tents.

This is one of the expensive beach tents but the most innovative and classiest bench tent I have seen till now. The two in one cabana style is the attractive feature that makes the wild horn beach corn an ultimate choice for the customers.

I assure that you will never see a bench tent that is more comfortable and versatile ever, capable of holding four adults and six kids comfortably. The 210T high-grade quality polyester fabrics material ensures you for the durability; this is also made of water resistant materials to withstand any climatic changes.

The 300 D Oxford flooring is rugged so that no worries for your kids to have contact with the sand, best beach tent to relax and enjoy the sea waves and the cool breeze on the beach. This multifunctional beach tent in easy to set up and can be used in a different way for the versatile performance.

The extra accessories available with the product involves an extendable canopy poles(2), sand screws(2), Stakes (8), detachable side shades(2) and carry bag. Measures 12.7 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 6X7X36 inches.

Canopy Umbrella Beach Tent from Sport Brella

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Are you looking for a canopy style and umbrella shaped beach tent for your beach outing? If so go with this portable eight-foot canopy beach tent from Sports umbrella and this ranks fourth in our best picks of beach tent.

This is light in weight, and therefore you can carry them along with your throughout the travel with ease, the product makes it supports for any weather types. The attractive blue color and the stylish design attracts the customers to go with them.

The umbrella is made extra large for holding two adults comfortably, the attractive and brighter red theme indulged umbrella beach tent is easy to setup and use. The 210 D polyester rugged material ensures you for the durability and also provides stronger protection in any weather changes.

The UPF 50+ protection enables safeguard your toddlers and little kids from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which acts as the main reason for the sunburns and suntans. Measures about 8.8 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 54X3.5X3.5 inches. The price is high but worth the money spent on the product.

Day Tripper Beach Tent from Coleman

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Are you looking for a beach tent that involves stronger UV protection from the sun? If yes, prefer to go with this day tripper beach tent without any hesitation, and this ranks fifth in our best picks of bench tents.

A professional bench tent that provides the optimal protection from the UV rays to your toddlers has high developed features to make them a superior one. The SPF 50+ indulged in the product will provide a stronger protection from UVB and UVA rays, which are a possible reason for the sunburns and tans.

The extra accessories indulged in the product involves carry bag, handy dry line, extra long stakes and a floor mat. The two zippered doors for enjoying the sightseeing, for ventilation and privacy. Apart from there are four hanging pockets builts interiorly for the extra storage. Able to hold two adults comfortably, measures about 6 pounds and comes with the dimension of 4.5X4.5X23.5 inches.

Instant Family Beach Tent from Demco Incorporated

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Are you looking for a beach tent especially considering your kid’s safety in mind? ThenDemco Incorporateds family beach tent would be the ultimate choice for you, and this ranks sixth in our best picks of Beach tents.

Small children love to make sandcastles in the beach mud, keeping this in mind the manufacturer has developed this beach tent with shade shack for the safe play. The attractive mix of blue and yellow color makes the tent brighter and attractive for the kids.

Setting up the beach tent is very easy and developed strongly for providing shade and protection for them members within the tent. The beach tent is made light in weight for the easy portability. The extra storage is possible with the built-in inner pockets.

The three side walls have been developed to provide shade for the members, the windows at the side can be opened for sightseeing and enjoying the cool breeze on the beach. The UPF 30+ coating helps in protecting your kids and able to hold up to 4 adults comfortably.

The price of the product is affordable, measures about 4.45 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 2.01X 23.5X23.5 inches.

Kids Beach Tent from Genji Sports

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Are you looking for an affordable beach tent for your kid’s safety? Then get this Genji sports beach tent without any hesitation, and this ranks seventh in our best picks of beach tents. The manufacturer includes superior features for making the product unique from other models available.

The kid’s bench tent is easy to set up and can be folded easily within 3 to 5 seconds. The durable high-quality fiberglass frame is named it as one piece design is the unique feature considered in this beach tent, the UV 50+ coating helps to provide protection from the sun for you and your family.

The high and reliable quality polyester nylon material used in the beach tent ensures you for the durability, this meets the CPAI -84 retardants standards and therefore you can choose the product without any hesitation. There is two mesh screen with side windows for sightseeing, ventilation and for enjoying the sea waves on the beach.

The extra accessories available within the product involves four stakes, carrying bag and four sand pockets that are built in for the storage. Measures about 4.8 pounds and comes with the dimension of 26.5X4X4 inches.

Baby Nook Beach Tent from Mod Family

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Are you looking for a beach tent just for toddlers considering their safety in mind? If yes opt to Mod Families beach tent without any hesitation and this ranks eighth in our best picks of beach tent.

This tent specially designed for toddlers and infant is developed with proper ventilation so that the babies can breath easily and enjoy the atmosphere over there. Made light in weight so that you can carry them wherever you need. The idea for beach outing and travels.

The anti-UV protection tent makes toddlers safe from sunburns and turns and this tent include an air baby nap for providing the better stability and comfort for the children. The pad is made inflatable so that the toddler sleep comfortably without any disturbance.

The mesh window in the beach tents helps you to check the activities of the baby, the waterproof polyester material help to withstand any climatic changes and also ensures durability. The UPF 50+ coating protects your child from stronger UV rays.The outdoor baby shield is the other unique feature enables in this beach tent.

The price of the product is affordable, measures about 3.1 pounds and comes with the dimension of 47X24X20 inches.

8 Feet Beach Shelter from Leberna

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Looking for an affordable and comfortable beach tent for your family beach outing? Prefer to go with this One Touch beach tent as they indulge all essential features to accommodate at a beach outing, this ranks ninth in our best picks of beach tents.

The product is designed with one touch operation for setting up and folding; this can be done in few seconds. They come with a carry bag for the storage purpose. This is a cabana style beach tent for enjoying your beach outing without any disturbance.

There are three sides, and each of them come are zipped for the comfort and safety, this also helps you to stay away from the harmful UV rays. The high grade upgraded quality polyester fabric UPF 50+ is capable of blocking UV light successfully. The taffeta construction is coated with polyurethane for protecting from maximum UV rays.

The three ring and pole system comes with fiberglass poles which are shock corded, and they are also a flame retardant. The price is affordable and measures about 5.11 pounds. Comes with the dimension of 4.13X4.13X49.4 inches.

Cabana Style Beach Tent from TexSport

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Are you looking for a professional cabana style beach tent at an affordable rate? If yes, prefer to go with this TexSport cabana beach tent without any hesitation, and this ranks tenth in our best picks of beach tents.

The heavy duty and high upgrade quality polyurethane coated taffeta material used in the beach tents ensure you for the durability and also protects you from harmful UV rays with ease. Stronger comfort and versatility is achieved with this product.

The other accessories included within this beach tent involves weight or sand bags, storage bag, and corner stakes. The sand weight bags are developed to provide much stability, and storage bag can be carried handily for the affordability.

Most of the feature matches with the previous model, and this beach tent is lower in price when compared to other beach tents listed here. The attractive blue color tends the customer to go with them. Measures about 5 pounds n weight and comes with the dimension of 3X3.5X25 inches.

Bottom Line

Hope you are clear in choosing the right product with the characteristics you prefer. Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the beach tent are welcome.

Have you used any of the above beach tents for your beach outing? If yes, share your experience with us through the comment section below.