Mac Sports Folding Beach Cart Review

Beach cart is the most needed thing when you go to the beach to have fun as it is designed to carry all your beach packing items and transport them in one trip without having any difficulties in handling so you can easily haul them even in the soft sand with a heavy load.

Every beach cart is designed with larger and wider wheels for easy hauling and provided with lot of space for more storing. So beach carts are the best method to transport all your gears. In this section you are going to read about Mac sports folding beach cart.

Product Overview

This Mac sports folding beach cart is one of the high rated beach carts, provided with large storage space for storing large number of items. You can easily assemble and disassemble this beach cart.

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People love this product because of its handiness, suitable for everyone. You don’t need to have any muscle to pull or push this cart. People are also pleased with its appearance, also established with 8 colors and styles.

This mac sports folding beach cart is not only suitable for the beach, but also apt for outdoor sporting events, trips, concerts and parks. Since it is equipped with several features, it is suitable for all terrain and load carrying conditions.

It is not going to take lot of space in your house, since it folds to only 8 inches thick so you can easily fold them to store it away and whenever you need this you can easily unfold them to use.

It is provided with an adjustable handle, so you can handle this without putting more efforts. It is possible to haul heavy loads up to 150 lbs with this beach cart, since it is provided with heavy duty metal frame.

With its two mesh cup holders, you can securely place your favorite phone, beverage and coolers. It is provided with extra large wheels for easy hauling in all kinds of places, made up of high quality fabric and built to be easy for cleaning purpose.

The heavy duty metal frame, sturdy construction, extra large wheels and high quality material make this product very durable. But the only problem is it is not suitable for load 150 lbs., with over load the wheel bogs down.


  • This beach cart is quite handy and portable
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It is provided with easy clean material
  • It is suitable to pull in a folded position
  • It is very durable with high quality materials


  • It doesn’t roll well in the soft sand with heavy loads.

Final Thoughts

This product has received a number of positive reviews when compared to the negative ones from customers. Many customers loved the quality and portability of the cart. Some customers complained about the product, since it doesn’t roll well in the soft sand.

Hope you are clear with this Mac Sports beach cart.

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