Top 5 Best Beach Cart for Soft Sand

Many families spend their weekends on the beach to relax and have fun, carrying stuff like umbrella, toys, coolers, towels, sun screen lotion, beverages and snacks can increase the joy and fun with ease, it’s mandatory you need a bag or cart for carrying all the items in a single trip.

Beach carts are specially designed to carry all essential beach packing items with ease in a single roll, these carts are provided with large wheels to avoid sinking into the mud or sand. With these carts you can easily haul them without putting any efforts.

Factors to be considered before purchasing

Weight and Price

The beach cart you select should carry maximum weight and has the minimum price, but the price increases considerably as the weight capacity of the beach cart increases and considering other important characterisitics. So make sure you get the beach cart that is worth the money spent for the carts.


The wider wheels make the hauling easy so you have to choose the beach cart with larger wheels.


You have to select the capacity of beach cart depending upon the number of members in your house and how much stuff you will be needed.


The beach cart you select should possess simpler design to assemble and dismantle even for an average person.

Top picks of Beach Carts

It is not an easy thing to buy a beach cart on your own since it is available in different style, size, and price. Further, you have to check some important factors other than the above criteria before buying the beach cart suchas materials, handles, portability, rails etc. Complicated right? But in order to help you with your shopping we recommend the following 5 beach carts that absolutely fulfill the above all criteria.

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler

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With its ultimate load carrying capacity, it enables you to carry maximum items at the first time. It has an amazing load carrying capacity of 100 pounds and even more so it reduces your multiple trips to the beach and the carrying of multiple bags, so hereafter you can carry all your beach packing items in one cart without any difficulties. It is suitable for carrying all kind of stuffs like towels, cooler, beach umbrella, body boards, and even a beach ball.

It has the larger and wider wheel, so it is very easy to haul. With these wheels, it is suitable for all kinds of terrain. Even with the load, it won’t sink into the mud or sand so it won’t delay your time or it won’t make you any discomfort. This beach cart also comes with a durable 10 inch extra wide rear tires, these tires make possible the easy hauling of the wonder wheeler.

With these amazing features it is also provided with a detachable tote which makes possible the easy carrying of water bottles, towels or sand toys with large items and this tote bag is removable. This cart is foldable for easy storing when not in use and with its sturdy frame and wider wheel, it is suitable for all kinds of terrain, as we mentioned earlier.

Mac Sports Mac wagon Beachcomber

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Everyone likes this beach cart because of its eye catching appearance and its amazing quality material. This beach cart is made up of high quality polyester fabric, the solid construction of this beach cart gives long lasting performance. It has also received amazing reviews from the customers world wide, the customers were satisfied with its quality and durability and they also liked the construction of this beach cart. With its larger and wider wheels, it is very easy to use in even in the soft sand.

You can easily haul them in any type of terrain but the only problem is, it is not suitable for large capacity of weights. With huge loads, it sinks into the soft sand or mud so it delays time and causes you problems. It is provided with more space so you can carry all your much needed packing items. This beach cart is very easy to assemble and easy to disassemble as well. So whenever you need, you can easily assemble and whenever you don’t need collapse it and you can store it easily.

You can safely place your coolers, phone or your drink in the specially designed additional two cups. It is not only suitable for beach, it is also suitable for all kind of sports events and all types of concert at the park.

Timber Ridge Camping & Beach cart

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As its name implies it is suitable for carrying both camp and beach accessories. On buying this cart, it makes simpler the carrying of beach chair with you. For that, it is specially provided with a hanging bar, features an umbrella holder for holding the umbrella, this amazing design and load carrying capacity make this beach cart a quite different from others.

This beach cart not only has separate parts for a beach chair and beach umbrella, it also has separate parts for both coolers and cargo so you can place all your stuff separately in one beach cart safely. It is provided with a lot of space, so you can store as much as you want. With this beach cart, it is possible to carry four numbers of beach chairs, so this is one of the perfect beach carts even if you have lot of family members in your house.

Whenever you don’t need this, you can easily fold them into a small size and you can easily store it in a small place. This beach cart is provided with large and wide wheels, so you can easily haul them in any terrain. With all these unique features, it comes with the reasonable price and therefore totally affordable.

Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

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Everyone loves this beach cart for its amazing weight carrying capacity and its marvelous construction. It is very easy to handle even with the high storage of loads, this beach cart only weighs 13 pounds, but has amazing load carrying capacity. It is easy to assemble and easy to collapse. This beach cart is made up of with high quality materials, which ensures the durability of the beach cart.

Its key feature is its big back tire because this back tire ensures the easy transportation of the beach cart even with the high loads and in the soft sand too. This beach cart is established with 15 cubic feet storage space. As we mentioned earlier, it is quite big to carry all of your beach packing stuff with an umbrella holder. It comes with an expensive price, but this product definitely worth the price. This product comes with a sturdy and painted steel frame that enhance the durability.

This cart comes with the cushioned design handle that makes handling easy. It is durable because of its firm steel frame. To make this beach cart double durable this steel frame is powder coated, also established with an additional carry bag for making your transportation easy. This quality, durability and portability make this product suitable for everyone.

Challenger Mobility Beach Cart

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Challenger mobility beach cart has multiple features that make this product suitable for all terrain and all kind of families. It is suitable to carry all your beach packing items. So with this beach cart, it reduces the number of trips and also reduces the multiple bags carrying to the beach even with the large number of items. It is suitable for carrying all kind of items such as your cooler, umbrella etc.

This beach cart is perfect to use even in the soft sand, for easy transportation it is provided with beach balloon tires. With these wheels you can easily haul the cart over soft sand, this beach cart weighs only 165 lbs so you don’t have to suffer too much to haul the cart even with the packed items. So, hereafter you can often go to beaches without any difficulties.

It is provided with two handles to make the handling easy. One pulling handle with 29” height and one pushing handle with 49” height. You can easily fold this cart for easy storing and you can also easily unfold the cart whenever you need. By buying this beach cart, you can get a long term performance, since it is enveloped with a steel tubular frame. For sleek and finished look it is covered with an epoxy coat which doubles the durability too.

The bottom line

Hope the above beach carts would help you to choose the right type of beach cart for your next fun trip.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask your question using the comment section below. If you have any experience with these beach carts please do share with us.