Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart review

Beach carts are ultimate rolling caddies mainly designed for hauling beach gears across the bumpy sand, terrain areas and even on soft sands. Most of them come with rugged rear wheels for making the transportation easier.

Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart Review

If you are looking for a beach gear that can include plenty of rooms to hold, then you need to go with the Wonder Wheeler Beach Carts from the popular and highly trusted manufacturer RIO

Few Words about the manufacturer

RIO with the tagline of ‘capture of Spirit’ is headquartered in West Conshohocken, PA and they believe in developing high-quality backyard and beach furniture. The brand who is in this field from 1947 has expanded million of products, and all of them have more craze over the customers, this popularity is just because of their high performing products along with the affordability.

Few patented products of RIO involves Wonder Wheeler Beach Carts, Integrated Sand Anchor for beach umbrellas and Backpack chairs.

What makes the Wonder Wheel Beach Cart Unique?

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The product involves all necessary equipment and accessories that are needed for the optimal performance. A unique feature of this beach cart is that it involves an all terrain wheels along with a sturdy frame made of high premium quality plastic materials for the longevity.

This beach cart is capable of holding up to 100 pounds, and therefore the beach carts have plenty of space for the beach umbrella, beach chairs, coolers, towels, beverages, sun blocks, snacks, food items, etc.

Other Features Indulged in Wonder Wheeler Beach Carts

Proceed below to check other important characteristics that make the Wonder Wheeler beach cart a unique one.


The front wheels of this beach cart are developed with premium materials and make them easier for the navigation through soft sand, terrain areas, and even the rugged places. The manufacturer has designed this beach cart with pulling option instead of pushing them over the bumped sand or ground areas.

Folding Option

The beach cart can be folded for the easier storage purpose. The cart can be folded as carrying bag and then stores in any small places when they are not in use.

Telescopic Handle

The handle involved can be adjusted as per the height of the person so that pulling the heavy load is simple. The handle can be extended and made with stroller style to provide the maximum comfort; the neoprene grip provides the optimal support while pulling over the sandy beaches.

Accessories Included

The other essential accessories included with this wonder wheeler beach carts are umbrella holders for placing beach umbrellas at the side, a tray at the bottom, rack and a removable tote bag.


The Wonder Wheeler beach cart is available in various patterns and colors namely Blue fabric, blue, blueprint and blue hibiscus. You can choose the one as per your preference.


The price of the product is affordable; you can purchase it just for the high end and optimal performance it’s providing with its heavy duty mesh fabric materials.

Final Words

Hope the above review on Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart from Rio Brand helped you to know to get a clear understanding of the product.

Any queries or comments on the Wonder Wheeler beach cart? Feel free to shoot them through the comment section below.

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